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Our Services

Routine & preventative care

Regular routine examinations play an important role in the detection, prevention and cure of many oral health concerns. We recommend that patients attend every 6 months for a routine dental check-up allowing us to assess your mouth, teeth and soft tissues for any signs of concern. We pay particular emphasis to the links between dental health and general health.

Crown & Bridgework Porcelain Veneers

A crown can simply be likened to a porcelain “cap” that fits snugly over your heavily restored or fractured tooth to restore its aesthetics, function and structure. A crown can also be used in dental implants, where it is attached to a titanium “root” implanted in the patients’ gum. A porcelain veneer is a custom-fitting, thin porcelain “sheet” that is bonded to the surface of your front teeth. It is used to re-shape teeth or to hide discolouration and blemishes.

Dental Implant

A dental implant acts as an artificial root that’s placed in the jawbone. It is made up of three main parts: The implant which is inserted into the jaw serving as the root of the new tooth. The connector which links the implant to the crown. The crown is the artificial tooth. It is hand crafted from porcelain when the implant has healed or “integrated” with the jaw. We work with highly skilled Sydney based technicians who hand make superior ceramic work. We do not use overseas laboratories.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) dysfunction and bite issues

Teeth clenching and grinding (also known as Bruxism) is a common problem among many patients, particularly during sleep or stressful periods throughout the day. Without treatment Bruxism can lead to permanent damage to your teeth, requiring more complex restorative work. We work carefully with conservative treatment options to protect your teeth and jaw from damage.

Ground floor rooms conveniently located on Moss Vale Road with onsite parking and wheelchair access. We accept all health funds and are linked with HICAPS for immediate claiming. We recognise that no two patients are alike and will spend the necessary time required to ensure you fully understand the entire process and select the perfect options for your unique needs.

Childrens Dentistry

Bulk billing for children aged between 2-18yrs who are covered by the Children Dental Benefits Scheme under Medicare. Our friendly and caring team understand the gentle approach needed when working with little smiles, ensuring their experience in our clinic is a positive one.

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